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Our Mission

Values-What do we believe?

At Paz de Cristo we believe everyone is a child of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Mission-Why are we here?

To Feed, Clothe, and Empower those in need in the East Valley of the Phoenix area.

Vision- Where are we going?

Our vision for Paz de Cristo is to empower our guests to reach their full potential by removing barriers so they may become more self-sufficient. Paz de Cristo exists to help them achieve self-reliance, pride and self-respect. In turn, this leads to improved economic standing, respect for others, and citizenship participation.


Donating to Paz de Cristo is easy and painless. With a new financial program adopted by Paz de Cristo, donations and recurring donations are easier than ever.

Ways to Donate

Donations to Paz come in various forms and sizes. A generous donation of food to a small kids toy are two types of donations accepted by Paz. You can donate through online giving, drop off food or clothing, you can also volunteer to serve meals or give out food boxes. Here is a wish list that Paz de Cristo is in need of.....Jelly, diapers (4's & 5's), non-perishables, tuna, bulk spices, clothing and we could always use bottles of water. Your generous donations are what keeps Paz de Cristo open to the working poor. Please consider some of these items when you are out doing some grocery shopping.

E-News Monthly

If you have missed our Email newsletters, we have them archived just for you. Catch up with events and news from Paz de Cristo. Go to the archives CLICK HERE!

Az Tax Credit

Making a donation to Paz de Cristo this tax refund season. An easy and great way to help us help the poor. The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Program for the Working Poor lets you contribute to Paz de Cristo and receive a tax credit.


Please LIKE us on Facebook. We rely on social media to get the word out of Paz de Cristo needs and services to help the working poor.