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Board Member’s Corner

Hi, I am Jay Krakora, one of the new Paz de Cristo board members. I first began volunteering at Paz de Cristo when they were preparing meals at the little house on Country Club. Initially I helped with meal preparation and food boxes. I was attracted to this ministry because it was a good example of churches and their members sharing their time, talents, and treasures. I think it is very important for churches to share their wealth in outreach activities.

I was blessed to be able to retire early, so in 2007 I started looking for more opportunities to give back to those in need. Paz de Cristo was blessed with a new refrigerated truck and was looking for truck drivers to help with daily pickup of donations from the supermarkets. Six years later, I still help with pickups two days a week and with the food box days.

The supermarket pickups are critical to the success of Paz de Cristo’s mission. The pickups, averaging over 1000 pounds a day, provide most of the meat, salads, and desserts for the nightly meal service, and meat, produce, deli items, and bakery for the food boxes. The supermarkets are incredibly generous with their donations, so please support them. We get donations from Albertsons, Frys, Safeway, Sprouts, and Walmart.