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Ordinary Heroes

A reporter for a local T.V. station asked me during an interview after our recent fire about how we would survive the misfortune of the fire that closed our kitchen. I responded that this was not a story about a fire but a story about hope and the good of our community. What may look like negative events at first sight can actually be Blessings in Disguise.

From the very first day of the fire, restaurant owners, faith based organizations, companies and individuals all came forward to offer assistance with meals. We found so many “ordinary heroes” in our community that simply needed to be asked to help. And they all viewed the opportunity to help not a burden, but as a blessing. Our meal guests were blessed as they did not miss a single meal and in fact were given a much larger variety of meals than they would normally receive.

Our staff and volunteers were blessed as they actually had less cooking, cleaning and serving to do. Paz was blessed with a kitchen that now has new paint, new ceiling tiles, a new air conditioning system and many new containers, cutting boards, pots & pans and lots of new supplies.

Two employees who discovered and put out the fire were blessed with receiving the “Good Samaritan Award” from the City of Mesa. One of those employees was Marcial Verdejo whose son saw his short news story on a Phoenix news station’s website. He and his brother contacted Marcial after not seeing him in over 15 years and are now making plans to re-unite in July. Truly a blessing for this family.

Hearing stories of blessings in disguise can change your outlook on life and help you to remember that there’s always something good to be found.