Thank You, Arlen!

Posted on 07/01/2020 by pazdev

Lori Jones

I have been volunteering at Paz de Cristo since the 1980’s when I moved to the Valley from South Dakota. I believe it is important to give back to the community, to pay life’s challenges forward in faith and fellowship, and to serve others in need. When I experienced the struggle of hunger and homelessness in the face of my own wayward son, I grew even more passionate about serving and supporting Paz de Cristo.

Through the years as a volunteer, I have watched the organization grow and prosper in its mission and vision. I work for SRP, and I also serve on the Board of Directors for Metro Phoenix Bank (MPB).

During SRP’s quarterly evening meal service at Paz, I spoke to Arlen and was bold enough to ask for Paz de Cristo’s banking relationship on behalf of MPB. He responded that he had been considering the notion and he went about his business. Arlen returned 15 minutes or so later and invited me to consider board leadership at Paz de Cristo.

Arlen trusted I would be bold enough to advocate for Paz de Cristo as well, and he was right. Shortly after my board acceptance, I also offered to fill a Board vacancy as Secretary.

I am grateful for Arlen and his leadership. He is compassionate, firm and fair, and I have watched him demonstrate all of these characteristics routinely in guest conversations.

He has done an outstanding job bringing together a talented Board of Directors with diverse interests and professional experiences who share in Arlen’s passion for serving others in need.  Arlen has also built a tremendous relationship with Mayor Giles and other Mesa leaders.

His tireless promotion of Paz and our mission to Feed, Clothe & Empower has grown exponentially under his leadership and so have the programs we offer. Thanks to Arlen’s relationships with influential donors, Paz has been able to support joblessness through employment, Arizona ID acquisition, showers and changes of clothes for our guests. Still, 93 cents of every dollar goes to program services.

On behalf of the Paz de Cristo Board of Directors, I want to thank Arlen for his service and to welcome Executive Director Joe Tansill. Arlen is leaving the helm in Joe’s capable hands, but he is not abandoning ship. We are thrilled that Arlen has decided to continue his service on the board of directors.

With God’s leading and your partnership, we have great hope for the future of Paz de Cristo and the thousands of guests we plan to continue serving year over year.

Many blessings,

Lori Jones

Board Secretary, Paz de Cristo