The Sky’s the Limit

Posted on 07/06/2020 by pazdev

Paz de Cristo has been nationally certified as a Service Enterprise by Points of Light and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family.

Staff and leaders at Paz de Cristo committed to learning and implementing best practices in strategic volunteer management needed to achieve certification.

“Service Enterprise Initiative equipped us to better involve and engage volunteers in all aspects of everything we do and at all levels. Now we can have an even bigger impact in our community as we better serve hungry neighbors in need,” stated Shelley Nelson, Director of Marketing & Development at Paz de Cristo.

The vision of Paz de Cristo’s volunteer initiative is, “To create a motivating environment where volunteers are on fire, with each one

    • – Connected to a meaningful role
    • – Equipped with the resources and training they need to succeed
    • – Inspired & Informed to make a real difference and
    • – Fully engaged on a mission to Feed, Clothe & Empower people in need.”


Together with our volunteers we can achieve so much more that the sky really is the limit!