A Story of Resilience: Jay Shares His Experience at Paz de Cristo

Jay, a regular participant in Paz de Cristo’s shower program, first came to Paz de Cristo, a year ago. His story is like many others who come to Paz for services – he was a hardworking, employed individual for much of his life until he ran into troubling times.  Jay ended up in serious legal trouble over a year ago and found himself on the streets, completely homeless and not knowing what to do or where to go.

While on the streets, he learned about the weekly shower program at Paz de Cristo.  Jay managed to find his way down to Paz one Wednesday and saw “a wonderful program.”  He was able to take a hot shower that morning, and receive a healthy, nutritious meal that evening.

Jay quickly realized that there was more to Paz than just helping to fulfill basic needs – he has since become a regular at Paz and has worked closely with our on-site partner, COPA Health, and has utilized their navigation program, with Circle the City and their mobile medical clinic, and has utilized the services Paz de Cristo’s Empowerment program offers.

“Paz de Cristo helped save my life,” he said. “They bring a sense of humanity back to those who need it.”

Because of your generosity, we are able to help more people like Jay. Your year-end donation can truly make a difference in the lives of each individual we serve at Paz de Cristo.  Donate now before it’s too late!

More than a meal. We Feed, Clothe and Empower.