Propelling People Forward

With today’s growing economy, many wonder how anyone can be homeless.

Yet hundreds of veterans, working poor and seniors on fixed incomes have been hanging on by a thread long before the economy rebounded. When they can no longer afford rising rents, they lose their homes.

The best way to overcome hunger, poverty and homelessness is through shelter and gainful employment.

At Paz de Cristo, we help our guests get new jobs. One-on-one assistance searching through openings, writing resumes, applying for jobs online and preparing for interviews propels people forward.

Essentials for the job search are provided including email addresses, bus passes for transportation to interviews, birth certificates and vouchers for Arizona identification.

Since 2013, more than 1,300 people have taken advantage of resources and services in the Jobs Center.

Other homeless neighbors are overwhelmed by barriers including addiction as well as behavior and mental health issues. Still others are experiencing the consequences for their own bad choices and habits.

For those who are in such extreme need, we give on-site access to Marc Community Resources. Three full-time Navigators help adults with developmental and physical disabilities as well as behavioral health challenges. They learn job and life skills and find the resources they so desperately need.

Will you give us a hand to help people in need get back on their feet? We can’t do it without you!



“I lost my business, my home and my family. I’ve persevered over my situation.”

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Randy painted houses for a living. In fact, he started a prosperous painting business that he built from the ground…


“I had been homeless for several years. Now I’m living a comfortable life.”

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Did You Know?

Each month, Paz de Cristo receives over 7,000 visits by more than 2,400 guests.