What is appropriate to wear?

For everyone’s safety and to fulfill our mission, modest dress and comfortable, closed-toe shoes are required. Shorts must be finger-tip length. No bare shoulders, spaghetti straps or bare midriffs. No short shorts, sandals, flip flops, high heals or open-toe shoes. No clothing with controversial messages.
The shift for evening meal service runs from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. Please let us know if you need to arrive late or leave early.
Please park near the kitchen and dining area in the Paz de Cristo parking lot. Then sign in and report to a staff member or Meal Coordinator.
Due to the nature of the tasks, volunteers must be at least 12 years old. Youth 12-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
We would love to have your friends and family join us. Please sign them up on the Volunteer Calendar or call ahead, (480) 464-2370, to make sure there is space for additional volunteers.
Maricopa County Health Code guidelines are posted in the kitchen at Paz de Cristo. Your Meal Coordinator and staff are glad to answer any additional questions you may have at the time you serve.
The Maricopa County Health Code recommends that you obtain a food handler’s card if you volunteer six times or more per year in either our meal service or food box program. I you would like to apply for a card, please inform our Volunteer Coordinator Priscilla at (480) 464-2370.
Volunteers are welcome to prepare a plate for themselves once all evening meal guests have been served.
If you have signed up in advance and have a form from your church, school or other organization, we will be happy to verify the hours you worked. We cannot provide credit for court ordered service.
Please contact us at (480) 464-2370 or at least one week before your scheduled shift.
Confirmation calls are made and emails sent one-two weeks prior to your date of service. We want to ensure that we have enough help to serve our guests.



Did You Know?

More than 8,000 volunteers gave 37,000 hours of their time and effort at Paz de Cristo last year. We can’t do it without you!