Can’t Donate? You Can Still Help Paz De Cristo

At Paz De Cristo, we serve to empower each guest that we come across in order to help them become their best version of themselves. We do this by taking away things that are blocking them from becoming self-sufficient. We want our guests to feel respected. Accomplishing this goal takes more than money — it requires efforts from those in our community who are willing to volunteer their time. Donating money is just one way that you can help us improve the lives of our guests. Below you will read more about other things that you can do to make a difference.

Organize a Drive

Businesses, churches, classes, and community members can organize drives for toiletries, diapers, water, clothing, food, and more. These items are vital to bettering the lives of those in need in our community. A drive is a way for a dedicated group of individuals to make a change together, whether they be neighbors, classmates, co-workers, or friends. This shared experience is truly rewarding for everyone involved and beneficial to all those served at Paz de Cristo.

Serve Nightly Meals

Every night of the week Paz De Cristo serves hot, healthy meals to upwards of 200 guests. Groups can come in and participate in meal preparation, serving food and clean-up afterwards.  This is an impactful way to get involved and be more hands on in our mission. 

Volunteer with our Shower Program

Every Wednesday, Paz de Cristo offers our Shower Program from 8am -12pm. This is an opportunity for those in need to take a warm shower, and receive new clothing for a better today, Volunteers assist with intake, cleaning, and clothing distribution every week.

Distribute Food Boxes

Emergency food boxes are prepared in our warehouse and distributed to the public on the first, second and third Tuesday of every month. Volunteers are able to come in and help prepare and distribute emergency food boxes each week. Click here to learn more.  

If any of these seem like the right opportunity for you, we urge you to reach out to Paz De Cristo to learn more. Giving is just one of many ways that you can serve the community and be a part of the change that Paz De Cristo is making.