Your gift brings hope to our neighbors who are struggling with hunger, poverty and homelessness.

You make all the difference, and it’s at no cost to you.

Every year, hundreds of people make donations to Paz de Cristo and receive their money back when they file their state taxes. Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit allows taxpayers to give a donation to qualifying charities and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit.  This is a different tax credit from the one that supports your child’s or grandchildren’s school.

For every dollar you give, you get a dollar back–up to $800.

How tax credits work

Steps to get your money back

    1. 1. Give a donation
    2. 2. Claim your credit when you file your state taxes
    3. 3. Get your money back, a dollar-for-dollar credit, up to $800

How to bring hope

  1. $100 provides 200 meals
  2. $200 provides a shower and clean clothes for 15 people
  3. $400 provides Arizona ID needed for 33 people to get jobs
  4. $800 provides 1,600 meals


How is a tax credit different from a deduction?

A deduction lowers the amount of your income on which the tax is calculated. A credit reduces your tax liability dollar-for-dollar, as if you had already paid the tax. See your tax professional for advice.



Did You Know?

Of every dollar given to Paz de Cristo, 93 cents goes directly to help people struggling with hunger, poverty and homelessness.