Looking for a Community Service Opportunity? Get Involved with Paz de Cristo

According to Nonprofitssource.com, people spend an average of 52 hours volunteering their time annually. If you’ve been meaning to take advantage of community service opportunities in your community but things keep getting in the way, now is the time to make it a priority. Volunteering is a fun way to give back that benefits you, as well. Here are three ways that you can get involved with Paz de Cristo to aid the effort of feeding, clothing, and empowering.

Assist With Empowerment

On a regular basis, Paz de Cristo accepts donations of all kinds — food, clothes, hygiene products. All of these go towards those who need them in the community. People are always needed for the inspecting and organizing of donations. There are shifts throughout the week available to help with this task, generally in the morning. This is a great volunteering solution for those who may not always want to be community-facing but still want to find a way to do some good.

Help Serve Meals

If you want to be on the front lines, serving meals could be the volunteer opportunity that you have been waiting for! In addition to regularly providing food boxes, Paz de Cristo has served meals to those who can’t find one elsewhere every single night for the past 31 years. The volunteers at Paz de Cristo are sure to keep Covid-19 in mind when handing out meals. Safety is a high priority — volunteers wash hands regularly, maintain safe distances, and more. Grab n’ Go meals are offered as a safer alternative to sit-down meals with plenty of people. If you’d like to be one of the five volunteers that help with Grab n’ Go meals, reach out to Paz de Cristo today!

Arrange a Drive

Is rallying people a skill of yours? Do you have lots of connections, as well as the motivation to get things done? Then consider organizing a drive for Paz de Cristo! Different things are always needed and donations of all kinds are always welcome. Right now, for instance, Paz de Cristo is low on jelly and pasta noodles. You can coordinate with Paz de Cristo to see how you can maximize your efforts to provide what’s really needed, whether it be blankets, hand sanitizer, or anything else.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our working poor charity for more information about volunteer opportunities. There are always ways for you to get involved and we appreciate any help you are willing to give. Call Paz de Cristo today to get started.