Mouthwatering Salsa from Paz de Cristo

Raspberries, mango, pineapple and celery leaves with jalapeno peppers over a habanero base are just a few of the ingredients Chef John Farley of Paz de Cristo is considering for Nana’s Salsa Challenge.
“I’ll choose the fruit that gives the best contrast with the heat produced by the peppers,” John explained. He has entered to win the Anything Goes salsa category and is testing flavors to create an original, mouthwatering combination. According to John, “You’ll be telling all your friends about this one!”

Hope to see you at Nana’s Salsa Challenge, Saturday, April 13. You’ll love the salsa!

John is a master of creativity in the kitchen. He set the winning record of 53 consecutive menus prepared without duplicating the main course even once. John starts each day with random ingredients in bulk and ends with a delicious meal for about 300 guests every night of the year.

Chef John Farley tests ingredients to create unique flavor combinations for his mouthwatering salsa. He is competing in Nana’s Salsa Challenge on Saturday, April 13

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