Thrivent and Paz de Cristo to Meet More Needs

Posted on 08/28/2018 by pazdev

Paz de Cristo Community Center is now in a better position to help more people in need.

Thrivent Financial welcomed Paz de Cristo to the Thrivent Choice®, a program that helps strengthen communities and changes lives. With Thrivent Choice®, eligible members are given the power to recommend where some of the organization’s charitable outreach funds are distributed each year.

Since 2010, Thrivent has given more than $370 million in charitable outreach funds to support churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations like Paz de Cristo.

Staff and volunteers at Paz de Cristo will put the much-needed funding to work right away. Food to provide more than 50,000 meals each month, new socks, t-shirts and underwear as well as hot showers, bus passes, birth certificates, vouchers for Arizona identification, internet access and job coaching are a few of the resources and services that will be fueled by Thrvient Choice.

“Thrivent dollars stretch our resources so that we can reach more people in need,” stated Arlen Westling, Executive director of Paz de Cristo. Last year, more than 22,000 people in Maricopa County were homeless. Two million people in Arizona don’t have enough food to eat. Nearly 30 percent of our neighbors live on a paycheck that barely covers rent and the basic necessities of life.

Paz de Cristo’s mission is to Feed, Clothe and Empower people in need in the Phoenix East Valley. It is a natural fit with Thrivent Financial, a membership organization that helps Christians be wise with money and live generously. To direct your Choice Dollars to Paz de Cristo, contact a Customer Care Professional at 1-800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and say “Thrivent Choice” at the prompt or email [email protected].