“After struggling with alcohol and homelessness, I managed to get back on my feet” Dee's Story

Dee was living large in Las Vegas. She was winning at work advancing in her career managing medical records.

Two years ago, she began struggling with addiction to alcohol that ultimately led to losing her job, her home and her driver’s license. It all came crashing down around her.

Dee’s life was out of control, yet she was determined to find a better way. Her very life was on the line.

She started over. Dee moved back to Arizona where she began Total Life Change (TLC) recovery services. She received counseling, therapy and treatment for her addiction along with temporary housing.

While at TLC, Dee participated in Paz de Cristo’s job program—a free service that offers personal career coaching along with practical, one-on-one assistance searching for job openings, writing resumes and preparing for interviews.

Dee rolled up her shirt sleeves and got to work. She beat her addiction successfully graduating from her treatment program. Having written a solid resume, Dee submitted multiple job applications. Bus passes from Paz de Cristo helped her get to interviews. She landed a new job and used bus passes from Paz once again—this time to get to and from work in Phoenix.

Dee had a whole new perspective and a paycheck to go with it. She soon began looking for a place of her own to live. It was hard to find an apartment given that she had three convictions for driving under the influence of which the third resulted in a felony. With assistance from Paz de Cristo, Dee persevered and found a home. Victory is hers!

Dee shared, “I have the Lord, my sobriety, a good job and now…a home of my own. A large part of it is because of Paz de Cristo.”

“Thank you very, very much. I am eternally grateful. Your services help a lot of people like me,” she said.

Dee is not alone in facing the struggle with addiction and homelessness. She got the help she needed, took action and overcame her challenges. With your support, we can help more people like Dee turn their lives around.