“I had MS and lost everything. Now I’m making a comeback.” Lynn's Story

Lynn worked as a Behavioral Health Tech in an assisted living home for the elderly and people with autism. “I loved taking care of them!” she shared.

Then Lynn learned that she had Multiple Sclerosis. She was in so much pain that she was no longer able to work. Doctors prescribed opioids to stop the pain, and Lynn became addicted.

To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with cancer. Lynn’s disability and social security benefits were at a standstill while medical records were being updated. With no income, Lynn soon became homeless. She actually lived in her car while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Just as she was nearing the end of her treatments, Lynn lost her car with all of her belongings. She wound up living in a trash bin that she had converted into a makeshift house.

Lynn heard she could get dinner at Paz de Cristo. She enjoyed a hot, nutritious meal and discovered a lifeline of essential resources that she desperately needed. “I didn’t want to be on the street no more,” Lynn said.

Navigators in Paz de Cristo’s Resource Center helped Lynn

  • – schedule appointments for mental health counseling and addiction recovery,
  • – apply for a housing voucher and
  • – begin the process of resolving issues with her benefits.


Lynne received assistance securing temporary shelter and expects to receive permanent housing any day.

Today, Lynn is completely free from opioids. She wants to become a peer recovery support specialist helping people who face the same challenges that she has overcome. Lynn is well on her way!

There are times when we all need a helping hand. With your support, more people like Lynn can get back on their feet.