“I lost my business, my home and my family. I’ve persevered over my situation.” Randy's Story

Randy painted houses for a living. In fact, he started a prosperous painting business that he built from the ground up.

But when the real estate market crashed, all of Randy’s jobs dried up. He lost his business, his home and his family. Randy had always struggled with addictions–yet this string of losses made matters even worse.

Randy came to Paz de Cristo for dinner. He signed up for the Housing our Hero’s program through the City of Mesa. Randy met with a counselor from the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) on Friday and was approved for additional veteran’s benefits the following Monday.

First, Randy was given transitional housing at Crossroads for two months. He got off the streets. During that time, Randy attended a series of classes on self-reliance, addiction and meditation. “These classes changed my life and my outlook,” Randy explained.

At Paz de Cristo, it all starts with a hot, nutritious meal. Clean clothes, a shower and a haircut give our guests a fresh start. We remove barriers for many people like Randy and help them get the resources they so desperately need.

Randy has been clean and sober since 2015. He initially felt overwhelmed by his first meeting at the Veterans Administration (VA). The counseling that Randy received through the VA and Community Resource Referral Center made all the difference. Now he is able to persevere through difficulties including the temptation of drugs.

Randy ultimately secured permanent housing: a two-bedroom, two bath apartment in Mesa. With his new-found stability, Randy has been able to get custody of his son and start a new part-time job.

Veterans made sacrifices to serve our country defending the freedoms that we all enjoy. Now many are struggling hunger, poverty and homelessness. They just need a hand getting the services and benefits that make all the difference. Your gift is a lifeline.


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