“I was homeless for four years, I lost everything. A lot of things changed in my life.” Rob's Story

Rob had lived a highly productive life. He played music professionally in Florida for about 18 years.

Then his finger was shot off in an accident. Rob underwent multiple surgeries and doctors were able to re-attach his finger, but he wouldn’t even pick up a guitar. “I’m a cripple,” he thought.

Eventually, Rob and his wife divorced. He told her to keep their condo which was completely paid for.

The life Rob had built and loved in sunny Florida was officially over.

Rob moved to Arizona to care for his parents. They had been married for 69 years, and by that time their health was failing. During the last year of their lives, Rob stopped working in order to care for them so that they wouldn’t be placed in hospice. His parents died three months apart, both passed away at home.

With no income to pay bills, his parents’ house was lost. “You wake up one morning and you have no place to go,” Rob said. He lived in his car for more than three years. After a while, Rob quit looking forward. He lived moment to moment.

Then suddenly, Rob was in a car accident. “It wasn’t even my fault,” he explained. “But because I didn’t have the money to pay my insurance, they took my license and impounded my car with everything I had in it.” Rob lost it all–his self-esteem and self-confidence were gone too.

Unable to pay the fine for the ticket he received, Rob ended up in jail. “I was saved when I was in prison,” Rob shared. “One day I just hit my knees and said, ‘[Lord], I’ll turn my life over to you.’”

By the time Rob was released from jail, his car had already been sold with all of his belongings in it. “I had no clothes, nothing. Not a dime,” Rob said. “I went about three days without eating. I finally just had to get something to eat.”

That’s when Rob heard about Paz de Cristo.

Paz de Cristo serves a tasty, nutritious meal every night of the year, and we don’t stop there. We give people a hand so that they can get back on their feet.

Rob was able to take a hot shower. He received personal hygiene products and clean clothes. Rob got a fresh start. He was ready to make a positive impression.

Through Paz de Cristo’s empowerment programs, Rob received Arizona identification and his birth certificate. “What’s really amazing is with their help, I overcame,” he said. “I have really nice condominium. I started a tile business. I have a new guitar and amplifier. I play music three nights a week. I’m in the process of actually recording an album right now with some other musicians.”

Rob had gone more than ten years without even picking up a guitar. “Turns out I can still play,” he said.

No one creates success on their own. There are times when we all need a helping hand. With your support, more people like Rob can turn their lives around.