“Life has changed drastically. People like to be around me now, they depend on me and trust me.” Aaron's Story

Aaron never knew his mother. His parents were in prison when his mom died of a heroin overdose.

Aaron was raised by his grandparents in a highly structured home with strong Christian values. “They raised me right, but I chose wrong,” he explained. While in elementary school, Aaron had been introduced to illegal drugs by his uncle.

“I was looking for more,” he shared. “I felt like I belonged with friends who were doing drugs and living on the street. I thought I had found a home.” Aaron began using drugs regularly. He soon became addicted and was even dealing drugs. As a teenager, he lit a police officer’s house on fire. “I tried to kill a cop and got busted with 11 pounds of meth,” Aaron admitted.

He was convicted and sent to prison for 11 years. When Aaron was released from jail, he decided to get an education and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business. After college, Aaron resorted to what he knew best: life on the streets and on drugs.

One year ago, Aaron was homeless. He came to Paz de Cristo for dinner where he found out about Community Court. Facing 16 warrants, Community Court became an opportunity for Aaron to clean up his record and to get the  services he so desperately needed to turn his life around.

Aaron found out about Marc Community Resources through his experience with Community Court. He met with Celina, a Navigator with Marc, who “encouraged me to live different, to live sober and clean.” She helped Aaron find a room at a sober living home.

Moving into the sober living home was Aaron’s first step on his journey of recovery. He is participating in a substance abuse counseling program and learning new life skills. Aaron has been sober for more than nine months.

“I have a brand new life and a good job selling power tools,” he said. In the evenings, Aaron also works at a fast food restaurant. “I work every day so I can pay my rent and make my car payment.”

Aaron said that life has changed drastically. He is invited to speak at youth centers where he delivers an inspiring, hope-filled message aimed at exploring one’s life purpose and pursuing opportunities.

Today, Aaron sees a bright future. “I’m going to keep my job. I’m in recovery, I don’t want to use drugs any more.” His goal is to buy his own house.

“I’m a member of society,” Aaron shared. “People like to be around me now, they depend on me and they trust me.”

No one creates success on their own. There are times when we all need a helping hand. With your support, more people like Aaron can get back on their feet.