Two million people in Arizona do not have enough food to eat. Nearly 30% of our neighbors live on a paycheck that barely covers rent and the basic necessities of life. Many go without a meal for days.

That’s why Paz de Cristo is here.

Every night of the year, dinner is served in our dining hall. Caring volunteers prepare a hot, nutritious meal for struggling men, women, children and seniors in the Phoenix East Valley.

Emergency food boxes are prepared in our warehouse and given out every day of the week. More than 50,000 meals are provided each month.

Volunteers serve as the hands and feet of Jesus showing the love of Christ to our guests. Hunger is satisfied. Stomachs and hearts are full. Guests find strength to face the day along with hope and courage for a better tomorrow.

Hunger, poverty and homelessness are daily struggles for many in the East Valley. Together, we can provide relief.



“I lived on the streets for two years, now I have a home and a car and I want to be a nurse. Taco Tuesday started it all.”

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Did You Know?

Each month, Paz de Cristo receives over 7,000 visits by more than 2,400 guests.