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Our Mission


Values-What do we believe?

At Paz de Cristo we believe everyone is a child of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Mission-Why are we here?

To Feed, Clothe, and Empower those in need in the East Valley of the Phoenix area.

Vision- Where are we going?

Our vision for Paz de Cristo is to empower our guests to reach their full potential by removing barriers so they may become more self-sufficient. Paz de Cristo exists to help them achieve self-reliance, pride and self-respect. In turn, this leads to improved economic standing, respect for others, and citizenship participation.

Our Services

We currently average over 7000 visits every month to Paz de Cristo. This represents about 2400 unique guests. While many of our guests make multiple visits to Paz we average about 600 individuals each month that arrive at Paz for the first time ever.

A large number of these visits are for food. Food has been a critical part of our mission since our inception in 1988. Between our evening meal service and our food box distribution we provide over 50,000 meals each and every month to the homeless, the unemployed, the working poor and senior citizens. Many of these and others living in or near poverty will always need our help.

Many others take advantage of our empowerment programs, in particular, our Jobs Program. Each Tuesday & Thursday we have staff and volunteers available to assist in job preparation, including resume writing and one-on-one support. We also provide the essentials to get a job, including showers and haircuts, bus tickets, clothes for interviews, birth certificates and vouchers for Arizona I.D.’s.

E-News Monthly

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Tom's BBQ

Tom’s BBQ is a great family restaurant located at Country Club and Southern in Mesa that has been providing delicious BBQ to Paz guests every 3rd Wednesday for the past 10 years! We are grateful to Rick and his crew at Tom’s BBQ for all their support and hope that you would support them. Check out their menu at www.tomsbbq.com


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